Knowledge Base

Matauranga/ Knowledge Base

Whatever It Takes has a range of tools and models it uses throughout its services.

Te Aho Takitoru

Is a values driven model that is recognised for its ability to be able to transfer its principle into a practical output.  Everything about our organisation is built around the values of the model from recruitment to training to implementing our services.   It is the most critical component of our service delivery.

Made up of 3 key areas the model addresses fundamental concepts that are extremely important when working with families who live with disabilities in the community.  It provides a common sense approach that has been developed from lived experiences.

Three key areas:

  1. Powhiri
  2. Hui
  3. Waka

The exceptional thing about this model is that the principles remain the same but their application differs according to each unique situation, family, individual.

Pono, Tika, Aroha

We have Anahera Herbert-Graves (CEO, Te Runanga o Ngāti Kahu) explain the prinicipals of Pono, Tika and Aroha in Tikanga Works that we use in our organisation.

Wounded Warrior

We are currently working on developing a Wounded Warrior New Zealand arm and are in discussions with the Returned Services Association about working alongside their veterans. Find out more about our Wounded Warrior Project.