7 sharp

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Popular TV show 7 sharp have shown a segment during their program dedicated to Director of What Ever It Takes Charmeyne Tenana-Williams and Peter Williams struggles after being dealt one of life’s cruelest hands. The segment named ‘Winning wife’ portrays Charmeyne as a true inspiration in every essence of the word after her husband Peter Williams collapsed 12 years ago after his super heavy weight title victory suffering a permanent brain injury. This was just the beginning of a 12 year long journey to government house receiving the Queens Service Medal for her services to the disability sector. She jokes saying “After all her fighting around the red tape of the health system she should be the super heavy weight champ of NZ”. Her business ‘whatever it takes’ is designed to keep families together and help them with their needs. She devised a model for home based rehabilitation for victims of major brain trauma which helps victims get back in control of their lives and helps them to do what is meaningful to them..