This collection of beautiful heartwarming images by Terry Winn began during an outing when the well known New Zealand photographer observed an elderly couple enjoying a picnic in the sun. The wife’s attentive support for her disabled husband made Terry wonder about other carers: how many are there, what are their lives like? Soon Terry made contact with Carers NZ, and the Caring Moments project was conceived to capture carers and their loved ones going about their everyday lives. Terry and his wife Vicky travelled across the country over several years to create this historic collection, which will tour New Zealand during 2011, then provide hope to carers and those they support as a permanent loan to a coalition of public hospitals.

CARING MOMENTS WILL FEATURE AT:23 – 29 May | Aotea Centre, Auckland01 – 26 June | Bruce Mason Centre, Auckland04 – 12 July | Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington 

Nightline on Television 3 also featured a piece about the exhibition on Wednesday the 6th of July.

Mauri ora

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